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Welcome To The
Gallifreyian Embassy

This is the place where two world join. The world of Earth Final Conflict and the world of Doctor who. The embassy exsists in both worlds.
EFC , WHO and other Sci-Fi Updates
Under one of these, to list recent updates to my site so that visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first,


4/07/01    Installment 7 was places on sphere & ezboard.

5/07/01 still have hope for EFC at the sci fi channel   .

16/05/2003 added some information on the leni section of the site.

I am aware this site hasn't been updated in a while, but i am slowly updating it.

I will be having available from my unoffical efc magazine website trading cards, stickers and hankies with initals on them . ie d for da'an with a couple of da'an images on them.

Also there will be a convention issue of that magazine soon.

With who news i am writing a story for the 40th anniversary of who in a fan book. I will get two copies of it. My story has efc and who characters in it.

I'll move somethings around when i can. As for an image of Anita the other woman who played a taelon on efc, i am still waiting to here back from the club president to show one image of her on this site.

My Earth Final Conflict storys
If you wish for a copy of any of the installments of my first story or the early installments of my second story.

As they are no longer available at sphere or ezboard.

Custom page

My who writers section

Custom 2

has atonement stratosphere

Custom 3

The Leni Dedication


has things of my other faverite sci fi shows

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