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about this unknown australian
I am fan of sci fi but I like a few shows:

Doctor who , Earth Final Conflict,Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Lexx, Star Gate, Sea quest.

I hope to have some of my doctor who stories sent to the bbc. Fingers crossed to get one published.

As for my efc story. That will live on net unless the sci fi channel people frequent the net.

I am female. You didn't expect that did you.

On the right is the arch I took a photo of last year. Oh If it could take me to the world of where taelons and who aliens are real.

I won't say any more I like being a mystery.

Play the Majel Barrett-roddenberry game
To play watch original series, the first 5 star trek movies, tng ,deep space nine and efc(season two onwards)

See how her hair changes from blonde to brown. Jus count how many times she turns up.

You can spot her in wag the dog movie she is there for a few second.

Fun for all.

I hope to start a online Kevin Kilner/efc general list soon. I also hope to have a southern hemisphere efc club.

As for a who club well, a net one one day. As far as i am concerned it went down hill since that evil phillip segal ruined it. I have been placed in the section of old who. (includes 7th doctor now).

I would start a leni club but one already exsists and I am a member of it.

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